• March 19th 2017
    Welcome to the group Andrew
    A big welcome to Andrew who takes up a postdoctoral researcher position with us.

  • January 12th 2017
    Clint joins the group
    The group has a new graduate student. Welcome to the group Clint!

  • December 7th 2017
    New office installed
    Our new office equipment has been installed. You can view photos on the gallery page.

  • September 26th 2017
    Lee presenting at SERMACS 2017
    Lee will be presenting on November 9th at the Contemporary Computational Chemistry Symposium being held at SERMACS 2017 in Charlotte.

  • September 26th 2017
    Postdoctoral position available
    We are looking to hire a postdoctoral research associate. For details, please see our advertisment (link).

  • August 25th 2017
    Website in development
    The website is up! It is still in development so check back soon for more updates.