• February 6th 2018
    Clint publishes work on aminooxy reaction kinetics
    Clint and Lee published an article in collarboration with the Nantz and Fu groups in ChemPhysChem detailing the kinetics of aminooxy compounds (link).

  • January 31st 2018
    Clint presents literature seminar
    Clint presented a literature seminar on synergistic experimental and theoretical efforts to determine U parameters in DFT+U. Passing the literature seminar is a requirement on the path to candidacy so well done Clint!

  • December 20th 2018
    Lee publishes paper on approximate projection models
    Lee published a paper in Molecular Physics exploring the behavior of approximate projection models (link).

  • November 21st 2018
    Lee publishes paper on global searches of SCF solution space
    Lee published a paper in Journal of Chemical Physics exploring how multiple electronic struture solutions can be identified for independent particle models (link).

  • October 19th 2018
    Spancer becomes an official member of the research group
    A warm welome to Spancer who will be working on her graduate studies in our research group.

  • September 12th 2018
    Emily becomes the group's newest member
    The group has expanded once again with Emily joining the group for graduate studies. Welcome Emily!

  • August 23rd 2018
    Lee presents at Boston ACS Fall 2018 meeting
    Lee presented the groups work from the previous year at the Boston ACS Fall 2018 conference.

  • July 23rd 2018
    Lee publishes paper in collaboration with Hammond and Correia groups
    Lee published a paper in Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis examining the mechanism of non-covalent directed enantioselective Heck desymmetrization (link).

  • April 16th 2018
    Lee presents at school outreach event
    Lee attended an outreach workshop with Prof. Ramenzanipour and Prof. Handa at Central High School, helping students understand why chemistry is important and inspiring the next generation of researchers!

  • March 19th 2018
    Welcome to the group Andrew
    A big welcome to Andrew who takes up a postdoctoral researcher position with us.

  • January 12th 2018
    Clint joins the group
    The group has a new graduate student. Welcome to the group Clint!

  • December 7th 2017
    New office installed
    Our new office equipment has been installed. You can view photos on the gallery page.

  • September 26th 2017
    Lee presenting at SERMACS 2017
    Lee will be presenting on November 9th at the Contemporary Computational Chemistry Symposium being held at SERMACS 2017 in Charlotte.

  • September 26th 2017
    Postdoctoral position available
    We are looking to hire a postdoctoral research associate. For details, please see our advertisment (link).

  • August 25th 2017
    Website in development
    The website is up! It is still in development so check back soon for more updates.